Viwo Kulati’s EP launch was a night of celebration. Not only was it her first time performing on the stage in Braamfontein, but also the release of her solo project has been a long-time coming for fans.

Viwo Kulati

After the release of her Afro-Pop and Jazz-influenced R&B Soul debut project, Viwo Kulati took center stage in Braamfontein on Saturday December 3 to officially launch her EP. Part of the show was a guest performance by Alek Blak who gave the audience a taste of his new music.

Alek Blak performing a single from his upcoming EP

Viwo’s extended play is introduced by a song titled Nothing Without Love, an intro that beautifully captures the essence of this project. She said that one of the inspirations of this project was seeing the lack of love that people show each other.”The whole EP is inspired by 1 Corinthians 13 which is the book of love in the bible,” said Viwo Kulati. “It is also inspired by my observation of how people need love. We often put other things on a pedestal forgetting that we are a people that need love, and we are incomplete without it.”

This project follows a beautiful debut single that was released three years ago, titled Chilly Breeze

In this EP, fans can expect the same breathtaking vocal, rhythm, and lyrics with songs like ‘Ungowami’, which has easily become one of her favorites. 

“I love it because it is entirely in IsiXhosa,” says Viwo Kulati, “and I had struggled to compose it as I struggle with writing IsiXhosa.” It is the song that helped me conquer one of my lifelong objectives and challenges.” 

The debut project is a result of many experiences that continue to shape and nurture her childhood passion that began in Makhanda, a small town in the Eastern Cape where she had an opportunity to study music in high school. But it was not after meeting her producer that Viwo began to find her voice and inspiration for this EP.

Her latest offering is undoubtedly soothing and inspiring. If you have witnessed her live performances, you know they are captivating and you don’t want to miss this one! 

Viwo Kulati’s music:

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