Free Digital & Entrepreneurial Skills workshop for 100 Rustenburg Youth

Free Digital & Entrepreneurial Skills workshop for 100 Rustenburg Youth
Digital Media Basics & Entrepreneurial Skills workshop.
Sello Ramosepele  and Digify Bytes is inviting you to a one day digital training .
Digify has great pleasure to announce that Digify Bytes is partnering with ABSA to create a more dynamic and engaging skills training programme. Digify Bytes as you remember it will be merged with ReadytoWork to provide learning material that will help young people develop digital, work or entrepreneurial skills.
The programme is designed to open a new world of opportunities, where digital skills complemented by either work or entrepreneurial skills can provide greater advantage—both personally and professionally.
The worshop will take place on 12 November 2016 at Mphebatho Cultural Museum in Moruleng.
The programme is led by experienced facilitators and is made up of simple, short interactive sessions. Participants will be signed up to the Digify Africa and ReadytoWork communities where they can receive further learning and insights. After the session, participants will be assessed on both components and receive certificates immediately after.
The face-to-face training programme is divided into two pathways focused on either employment or entrepreneurship, that is, Digi Basics & Work Skills and Digi Basics & Entrepreneurial Skills as per the attached fact sheet. With regards to the marketing material you requested, this is solely dependent on the design team.
If you would like to attached, simply send your motivation to by Thursday November 2016, ESSENTIAL!
With kind regards,
Sello Ramosepele
Influencer & Social Entrepreneur 

Sello Ramosepele

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  1. Hi, I’m a poet and aspiring author and also have passion for technology. I have a vision to write and sell my craft online, if there is assistance in that I’d appreciate to be part of this initiative. Thanks.

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