This season, Adidas Originals takes a nostalgic leap into the past to unveil the highly anticipated “2000 Running” collection. Reminiscent of the turn of the millennium, this collection reintroduces some of the most iconic running silhouettes from the early 2000s while adding a contemporary twist, seamlessly bridging the gap between then and now.

Comprising a blend of one-to-one remakes of classic designs and a fresh interpretation, the “2000 Running” collection boldly celebrates the enduring legacy of Adidas’ running heritage. Three distinct silhouettes stand out as the pillars of this revival, each representing a unique facet of the era’s style and innovation.

1. Ozmillen Sneaker: The Ozmillen sneaker, a brand-new addition to the collection, draws inspiration from the iconic Ozweego silhouette. Embracing the unmistakable aesthetics of the 2000s, this sneaker features metallic overlays, mesh uppers, and a dynamic two-tone color palette. Seamlessly blending retro charm with modern functionality, the Ozmillen incorporates Adiplus cushioning technology, propelling the past into the future with every stride.

2. Response CL: Paying homage to Adidas’ experimental spirit, the Response CL silhouette embodies the essence of the brand’s archive. With ventilating mesh segments, synthetic elements, and a raw two-tone color palette, this sneaker exudes an air of authenticity. Enhanced by an EVA cushioned midsole, the Response CL strikes the perfect balance between comfort and style, appealing to contemporary tastes while honoring its roots.

3. AdiStar Cushion: As one of the most iconic silhouettes of the 2000s, the AdiStar Cushion remains as futuristic today as it was back then. Featuring a breathable mesh upper, reflective details, metallic accents, and Adiprene cushioning, this sneaker epitomizes innovation and performance. With a design that transcends time, the AdiStar Cushion continues to captivate sneaker enthusiasts with its timeless appeal.

“Two Thousand Stories” Campaign: Accompanying the launch of the “2000 Running” collection is the captivating “Two Thousand Stories” campaign. Bringing together two era-defining creatives from different generations, the campaign explores Adidas’ enduring influence on culture. Renowned British photographer Ewan Spencer, known for his work in the late 90s and early 2000s, joins forces with contemporary image maker Sophie Jones to capture a cross-generational cast. Through a dynamic visual conversation, the campaign highlights the convergence of two distinct eras, demonstrating Adidas’ ongoing relevance in shaping cultural narratives.

In summary, the “2000 Running” collection by Adidas Originals represents a harmonious blend of nostalgia and innovation. By reintroducing classic silhouettes and reimagining them for the modern wearer, Adidas pays homage to its rich heritage while reaffirming its position at the forefront of athletic footwear design. As the “Two Thousand Stories” campaign unfolds, it becomes evident that Adidas’ legacy transcends generations, resonating with diverse audiences and leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape.

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