Samsung, the global tech giant, has joined forces with South African fashion maven Thebe Magugu, to introduce a truly unique experience for consumers at Galaxy Fliptown. Taking place from 18 to 30 August 2023, at The Zone in Rosebank, Johannesburg, this partnership aims to redefine the way customers engage with the brand.

Galaxy Fliptown, an innovative platform created by Samsung, invites both its current and future customers to immerse themselves in the essence of the brand. Departing from traditional marketing strategies, this event offers an avenue for visitors to intimately connect with Samsung’s products and values.

Through Galaxy Fliptown, Samsung aims to rewrite the script on consumer interactions by providing a stage for individuals to express themselves freely and showcase their diverse facets from every conceivable angle. The event spotlights the opportunity for attendees to join the “flipside”, a unique pop-up zone that allows them to revel in self-expression through the latest Samsung foldable phone marvel, the Galaxy Z Flip5. This platform promises consumers an unparalleled experience, featuring playful interactions, creation of shareable content, exciting prize-winning opportunities with Samsung, and an exploration of digital fashion through the lens of Thebe Magugu’s designs.

At Fliptown, immersing oneself in the “flipside” unveils a realm of self-expression and personalised touches. Guests will be swept into an extraordinary journey with the new Galaxy Z Flip5, beginning with makeup artists conjuring bespoke Fliptown looks inspired by Y2K designs and palettes. Moreover, the revolutionary Fliptown nail printer will empower attendees to imprint their selfies onto their fingernails, perfectly embodying the spirit of individuality and self-expression, all amplified by the Z Flip5.

“The Galaxy Z Flip5 is a beautifully crafted device, marrying craftsmanship and playfulness, qualities that I truly admire. Quality and novelty are two of my passions, and the sleek, multifaceted look that I always strive for has much in common with the Z Flip5. My work is multidimensional – much like the Galaxy Z Flip5 – finding expression in numerous ways. I’ve crafted two outfits that offer a fresh take on Y2K, bridging the gap between the past and present. The launch of these outfits will be an innovative revelation, details of which will be disclosed soon,” shared Magugu.

The journey into the “flipside” unravels a new dimension of fashion through an engaging interface showcasing Thebe Magugu’s inventive designs. Attendees can strut their stuff on the Fliptown catwalk, flaunting multi-angle dynamic shots made possible by the foldable phone. Anticipating the crowd’s enthusiasm, Fliptown promises a multitude of captivating prizes, including an exclusive Thebe Magugu-designed ensemble, tailor-made for the fortunate winner.

As the Fliptown experience draws to a close, a sweet finale awaits. A Y2K ice-cream doughnut station, adorned with delectable taste bud-tingling toppings, promises to add the perfect touch of sweetness to the entire consumer journey.

Kgomotso Mosiane, Head of Marketing for Mobile eXperience at Samsung, succinctly captured the essence of the collaboration, stating, “The Galaxy Z Flip5 is the ultimate tool for self-expression, Fliptown is about the behaviour of individuals who aren’t afraid to not conform and have the confidence to express their true, authentic selves.”

Galaxy Fliptown is more than an event; it’s an odyssey that reshapes the way consumers interact with technology and fashion. In a world that celebrates individual expression and innovation, Samsung’s partnership with Thebe Magugu heralds a new chapter of immersive experiences, empowering individuals to embrace their unique identities and reimagine their relationship with technology. Notably, entrance to Galaxy Fliptown is free, ensuring accessibility to all who wish to partake in this transformative encounter.

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