Feeling good in a bathing suit isn’t actually about losing that post-lockdown weight or looking like a supermodel, it comes from choosing and wearing a swimsuit that’s right for you and fits you in the right places. Lily Label is one of the leading brands in the evolution of swimsuit designs and is a brand that empowers all women to feel sexy and supported in their swimsuits.

As a small, female-owned business, Lily Label swimsuits offer a sense of individuality through unique styles that have been locally crafted by a combination of hand and machine work. Lily designs enhance your favourite assets and celebrate the beauty of each woman’s shape and curves.

From bikinis, microkinis, bandeaus and one-pieces, you are guaranteed to find a flattering style that shows off your most loved assets.

We have put together a list of some of our top tips that will help you look and feel good whilst wearing your Lily Label swimsuit this summer.

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#1. Focus on the body parts you love and find yourself a swimsuit that accentuates your most loved features. Luckily, Lily Label offers a variety of styles and colours that will help you look and feel great.

#2. Forget ‘Bikini Ready’. Realizing that every body is a bikini body is the first step to feeling confident in any swimsuit.

#3. Glam up with accessories. Whether it’s a nice pair of sunglasses, a floppy straw hat, your favourite earrings or just a pair of slides- going the extra mile with a few accessories will help give you that extra confidence boost to rock your swimsuit this season.

#4. Fake it till you make it. Whether you’re having a good day or not, always hold your head high and smile. The more self-assured you act, the better you will feel. Find ways to re-channel your energy and focus on positive attributes about yourself.

With these top tips in mind we have also selected our favourite Lily Label swimsuit styles you need to rock this summer with your new found confidence;

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