What The Flying Fish is this NEW Dry? A Refreshing Take on Dry Delights!

The beverage landscape is ever-evolving, with ingenious concoctions and unexpected twists constantly emerging to tantalize our taste buds. Enter the all-new Flying Fish Dry Apple Premium Flavoured Beer – a revelation in refreshment that promises to redefine your drinking experience in the most delightful way possible.

Flying Fish, a name synonymous with innovation and quality, proudly unveils its latest creation: the Flying Fish Dry Apple Premium Flavoured Beer, now available for South Africa’s most discerning imbibers. Representing a bold addition to the cherished premium flavoured beer family, this brew stands out with its authentic flavour that delivers true refreshment, offering your palate an invigorating encounter with what is colloquially known as ‘dry’.

Anticipation has been mounting for the launch of the Flying Fish Dry Apple, and it does not disappoint. This captivating variant boasts a refreshing fusion of fruity notes, elegantly contained within both a 330ml Non-Returnable Bottle (NRB) and a 500ml can. As the beloved apex of South Africa’s premium flavoured beer lineup, Flying Fish Dry Apple strikes a harmonious equilibrium between bitterness and sweetness, rendering a crisp and revitalizing taste sensation. With its infusion of dry apple essence, this innovative libation is poised to captivate both seasoned beer connoisseurs and casual quaffers in search of a rejuvenating twist.

Building on the monumental success that Flying Fish has enjoyed since its inception in 2013, the addition of Flying Fish Dry Apple is poised to elevate your social gatherings and soirées with friends to unprecedented heights. Picture yourself embodying the essence of the advertisement, sharing a live drink with the venerable comic genius, Barry Hilton. Imagine the convivial after-work camaraderie at Cracker Zacks bar in Rosebank, where you might find yourself clinking glasses with astronauts, a mermaid, and even a gent donning a whimsical horse suit. All of this whimsy converges in honour of the true star of the evening – the apple of your eye, Flying Fish Dry Apple.

Solam Mbana, the erudite Head of Brand at Flying Fish, articulates the significance of this groundbreaking development, stating, “It is beyond doubt that the highly anticipated Flying Fish Dry Apple will revolutionise the landscape as a derivative of the pioneering premium flavoured beer in the market. We are thrilled by the potential of this new variant to embody the essence of the Unexpected, surpassing even the loftiest expectations of our esteemed consumer base.”

Indeed, the Flying Fish Dry Apple Premium Flavour Beer is primed to astonish in the most delightful and enigmatic ways. Whether ardent enthusiasts of Flying Fish are in search of the ultimate party trick or merely yearning to unwind after a protracted day, Dry Apple is poised to deliver an unparalleled sensory experience.

In sum, Flying Fish Dry Apple emerges as a truly refreshing take on ‘dry’, encapsulating the essence of innovation, flavour, and refreshment in every sip. Prepare to embark on a journey of taste that defies expectations and relish in the allure of the unexpected.

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