COVID-19 DJ Relief Fund: Ballantine’s and Dance Music Summit partner to support the DJ community

COVID-19 DJ Relief Fund: Ballantine’s and Dance Music Summit partner to support the DJ community

The applications for the DJ Relief fund that supports DJ’s who have lost work as a result of the global pandemic are open.

The collaboration between the Dance Music Summit and Ballantine’s True Music offers grants up to R1000 for deejays who seek financial assistance as a result of being displaced by the pandemic.

The coronavirus has created devastation in almost every industry and forced people globally to adopt a new way of living and interacting with one another. One such industry that was first to be affected and continues to be impacted is entertainment, an estimated 5000+ deejay’s who depend on bars, clubs, and taverns for a source of income have been negatively impacted by the pandemic.
The deejay community, unfortunately, cannot receive any business support from the government and are not entitled to UIF benefits as they aren’t formally employed.

As a champion of True Music and supporting local talent, Ballantine’s True Music has pledged R100,000 towards the DJ Relief Fund which is spearheaded by the organisers of the Dance Music Summit.

For the application to be approved the applicant needs to have a proven track record of working in the industry through their social pages and provide a letter from a venue where they have a residency.

“As we fight the pandemic we will be engaging with our online communities for support. Over the next few weeks we will also be hosting a series of live stream events to be a dedicated source of support to the fund. We are grateful to Ballantine’s True Music who have continued to contribute to the South African dance music scene even in such times,”

DJ Christos, Founder of the Dance Music Summit and influential South African DJ

Members of the public who wish to donate towards the cause may also do so through a Go Fund Me.

Applications are open Click Here To apply

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