Avon Free: A fragrance that encourages all of us to #CreateTheLifeYouLove

Avon Free: A fragrance that encourages all of us to #CreateTheLifeYouLove


Finding the perfect scent/fragrance goes far beyond just the desire to smell nice. It’s about the confidence with which you enter different spaces and interact with people throughout your day; about that inner kick that you get in the morning whatever your mood and it’s about giving you a sense of pride and readiness to, in essence, work daily to #CreateTheLifeYouLove.

For me, discovering a fragrance that speaks to you on all these levels is like discovering the music of an artist that you have never heard of before and feeling like all the songs that you’re hearing were written specifically for you and what you’re going through. It is a moment of pure gold.

The Avon Free EDT is one of those fragrances for me. There’s a familiarity about it. The fragrance reminds me of a time when I was a child at the beach and I was too afraid to go into the water. But this did not make me feel like I was missing out on anything because I was so consumed and content with the feeling of the breeze – it was light, refreshing and it took me somewhere I believed the water never could. That’s what Avon Free is for me – a light, refreshing, unforgettable and nostalgia-inducing scent .

“He exudes authenticity with edgy notes of ginger that pulse with natural cypress and violet leaves, anchored by a contrasting blend of captivating musks,” Avon South Africa writes, describing the essence of the Avon Free man.

I’ve just gone into a new phase of my career and my music and I’ve realised that if I want everything to go in the direction I desire, I have to create that myself. This means that I have to be deliberate in my actions, deliberate in my thoughts, deliberate in my interactions, and deliberate in my intentions. There’s no opportunity for me to go with the flow, or let things happen by chance or by luck and that’s why the hashtag #CreateTheLifeYouLove speaks to me on the level that it does.

It’s a call to action, and here I am ready to heed that call. Do you want to know what the best part is? I’m doing it all while smelling really good!

Yamkela Mdaka

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