#WhatChewDo During Exam Time

#WhatChewDo During Exam Time



#WhatChewDo During Exam Time


Exam season is here but don’t stress! Remember to relax and get some #MouthAndMindRefreshment with Stimorol.


We all know the stress of running out of time in an exam. The clock ticking and your heart pounding as you see you still have a whole section to complete. Well, the new Exam Time STIMOTORIALS are waiting to give you a few ideas of #WhatChewDo.


Stimorol has produced a variety of cheeky STIMOTORIALS with tips on #WhatChewDo in familiar and sometimes awkward situations.

#WhatChewDo when bae has more food in his teeth than on his plate?

#WhatChewDo When you’re at a bar and the bartender keeps ignoring you?

#WhatChewDo When it’s the Derby and you can’t get into the game?

#WhatChewDo When you lose your phone and don’t know your bae’s number?

#WhatChewDo When you are the only person contributing to a group project?


Stimorol is the one habit that refreshes mouth and mind, helps you focus and take everything in your stride. Grab South Africa’s number one gum and check out all the STIMOTORIALS on the StimorolSA Facebook page.

#WhatChewDo    #MouthAndMindRefreshment

Sello Ramosepele

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