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On the week of 26 February 2015 the Pulse team together with Mom Nana Pule and Sello Ramosepele from the Field Band Head Office joined 17 Field Band Foundation tutors in Limpopo, for a workshop about music and health in Limpopo.


To take you back. Two years ago the Norwegian Band Federation (NMF) and the Field Band Foundation (FBF) with a support of FK Norway. Both organisations  saw a need of forming a partnership that will exchange skills related to music, health promotion and social inclusion.

After two successful years the PULSE Team has now developed methodologies of using music and dance as a health benefit in the Field Band  rehearsals. The purpose of the workshops held was to transfer the skills through training the FBF Programme Officers , Band Coordinators, Tutors and Tutors in training.

Front: Tshepang Moyo (Blouberg Field Band Dance Tutor)

“Life is more than not having diseases. It is also about being happy, feeling  and mastering your daily life”

Sello Ramosepele

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